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Thanks for all the help Think Teach! Really appreciate it ALOT. Much more confident in Chemistry, never thought I would be this confident.
— Bryan, YCIS, IBDP Year 12
I would like to thank three of you for making an effort to come down to Shanghai to teach our children. Though it was a crash course, my girl truly enjoyed and learned many tips from your teaching.
— Stella, Mother of Christabella, SAS Pudong, IBDP Year 11
Thank you for coming to Shanghai. Lauren came back in high spirits after her lessons for the past three days, telling us how enlightening and eye opening it was for her!
— Voon Lih, Mother of Lauren, SUIS Gubei, IB Year 11
Boon helped me improve so much in Math [93% for Integration Math test], teaching me material in advance and always available to help me answer any questions.
— Yun Kei, SAS Pudong, IBDP Year 11




Driven by the vision of nurturing every individual to become global leaders of tomorrow, the partners of Think Teach have extended their unique form of curriculum to international students who wish to be equipped with intellectual rigour and take on challenges of any kind. 

Supported by a team of subject specialists, Think Teach offers a full range of subjects from the primary level to IGCSE, and up to A Levels, IBDP and AP. Teachers who are sent to deliver the Think Teach signature lessons come from a wide variety of education and specialised occupations – from PhD holders, medical doctors, government & private scholars, tertiary education valedictorians and even to pre-university straight A students and IBDP 45-pointers. Having gone through the rigour of Singapore’s education system and succeeding in their various fields, Think Teach’s teachers have resulted in students learning effectively under their charge and excelling in their respective subjects. 

Having produced top scorers in Singapore, Think Teach is highly qualified in delivering the Singapore brand of education to you. Think Teach’s solid foothold in Shanghai has seen over a thousand of hours clocked in teaching Shanghai students, both in person and online. 

The eventual goal is to make every Think Teach student think smart and continuously strive for his/her personal best.

Our Programme


Online Lessons

We cannot deny that online lessons provide an excellent platform for cross-country intellectual exchanges and targeted tutoring. 

In 2018, we had clocked more than 300 hours of online lessons on WeChat and Zoom platform. Almost all of Think Teach Shanghai students have regular one-to-one video sessions with our team of excellent tutors. 

Most of our online lessons are on-demand and are at the convenience and comfort of our students' home. Group online lessons are also available for students of the same school who prefer such an arrangement. 

Our online lessons get snapped up fast so do book us early to secure your preferred time slot!   



Shanghai Programme

Intensive lessons that are better delivered in person have been high in demand since Think Teach’s entry into Shanghai. Targeted at pulbic and school holidays, intensive courses are held for a slew of subjects and levels – this allows a proper supplementary form of education to be given to every Think Teach student, in between his or her regular lessons. A team of expat tutors handpicked from our team conducts every lesson. Each trip lasts between 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the tailored curriculum. 

Get ahead of the learning curve, join the Think Teach Shanghai programme and either have private consultations with us or join our group lessons with your friends. 



Singapore Programme

Think Teach offers all global students the chance to join the intellectually stimulating lessons in Singapore, with specific time set aside for scaffolding individuals’ learning curve. Most of our students arrive from Shanghai, Shen Zhen, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. You may want to consider popular periods such as the Chinese New Year Holiday break in February, Spring break in April, Summer break from June to August and Winter break in December.

Meet our army of subject specialists for the much-needed guidance to excel in your studies. Similar to our Shanghai programme, you are free to either have private consultations with us or form a group and have lessons with your friends!



We recognise the importance of having mentors. At Think Teach, we will also assist with your child’s academic mapping by offering consultations on IBDP subject combinations, US University and UCAS applications, while providing vital college admission essay reviews.



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