GCE O-Level


GCE O-Level / IGCSE (Secondary)


Programme Introduction 

There is a difference in sequence, content and difficulty level among the various secondary school international examination such as the GCE O-Level and the IGCSE. We ensure relevance and efficacy of our classes by assigning teachers who specialise in the specific type of examination that the student is taking. Whether our students are in the Integrated Programme, GCE O-Level or IGCSE track, they would be met with a Think Teach curriculum that would not only prepare them well for examinations but also challenge them to inquire, deliberate and explore.

Our Specialisations

We specialise in English, English Literature, History, Economics, Business, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


To register your interest, simply enquire with us and let our coordinators know. We will provide more details and assist in arranging lessons with our Secondary level specialists.


Our Star-Spangled Secondary School Team

Apart from your usual suspects – teaching experience and qualifications – our secondary school teachers are chosen only if they also possess drive, energy and love. Our teachers are held to the highest of standards and are expected to deliver good on the Think Teach mission of ensuring every child is challenged, engaged and empowered to become thinkers of tomorrow.


Our International Presence

We have left an impact not just in Singapore. Our global footprint is extensive and includes teaching international school students in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. These are countries not just where our students hail from but where we have been invited to teach since 2018. Due to the Covid pandemic, we have moved our physical operations online. We continue to support the academic needs of our international students through online platforms such as Zoom.


Our Online Lessons

We cannot deny that online lessons provide an excellent platform for cross-country intellectual exchanges and/or targeted tutoring.

Most of our online lessons are on-demand and are at the convenience and comfort of our students' home. Group online lessons are also available for students of the same school who prefer such an arrangement.

With our superstar teachers available, and with the stellar results we have produced, it is no surprise that students all over the world place their trust in us and keep coming back for more