O’ Levels & IP

My son works hard for Math but was still failing. Thankfully, within a few months with Think Teach and he has shown great improvement in his attitude and results. He is always very excited to share about the shortcuts and tips and tricks he learnt in class.
— Mrs Tan, mother of Daniel, Math with Think Teach (Sec 4 Hwa Chong)
My grades for Math improved from a C5 to an A1 and English improved from B3 to an A1 [for the End of Year] in a matter of months. I put in a lot of hard work but without the guidance from Think Teach, I would have been a lost sheep. The effective learning strategies really made studying easier for me :)
— Grace, Math & English with Think Teach (Sec 4 MGS)
My daughter struggled in English and I did not think English could be taught. She also didn’t really had an interest in Science. I took advice from my friend’s recommendation and decided to put her with Think Teach and she is now improving. I am a very satisfied parent. Thanks for all the guidance and for making lessons fun for her.
— Jessie, mother of Isabelle, English & Science with Think Teach (Sec 2 CHIJ TP)
Thank you [Think Teach] for everything! We loved lessons there and our A1s are because of your passion and love for teaching. We will be be joining your A level programme for sure :D
— Esther and Chloe, English and Science (Chemistry & Physics) with Think Teach (Sec 4 St Nicks)

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English O’ Levels Track

With essential techniques obtained through the Think Teach Secondary English syllabus, struggling students have turned the tides and earned themselves commendable results.

Taking close heed of the MOE syllabus, Think Teach’s weekly classes cover situational and compositional writing as well as comprehension and summary. Communication skills are imparted through purposeful dialogue so students tackle oral examinations with eloquence.

Aside from effective writing and thinking skills, students will be equipped with our effectual ‘question-analysis technique’ which allows them to identify question types and consequently apply solutions for maximum marks every time.

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English IP Track

The Think Teach English IP syllabus, prepares students not just for English language examinations at the IP level but also builds firm groundwork for subsequent General Paper examinations in Junior College.

Our students are exposed to an extensive curation of resources which cover diverse current affair topics, enabling them to write essays of substance. These topics vary from the arts and sciences, government and politics, to social and economic issues. Comprehension and summary are also integral components of the syllabus.

Over the course of this programme, students will be encouraged to ponder and question the status quo, moulding them into smart thinkers and sharp observers. Standards are pitched at challenging levels to ensure students are able to handle their school examinations with ease and proficiency.

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Mathematics O’ Levels and IP Track

The Think Teach Mathematics Programme is not for the faint hearted. Under our specially-crafted syllabus, students will be trained rigorously in all topics prescribed by MOE.

Formulas are expounded and topics are taught over spans of two to four weeks depending on their difficulty levels. Students gain topic mastery by attempting questions of varying structure and complexity.

High level integrated questions will also be posed occasionally in order to challenge learners’ analytical skills. Students who undergo our scrupulous Mathematics programme will find themselves well prepared to ace their schools’ Mathematics papers.


Science O’ Levels and IP Track

The Think Teach Science programme is modelled to suit not just the O' Levels and IP tracks, but also the different science subject combinations: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and the Combined Sciences. The programme is rigorous and caters to students of all abilities. 

Whether the student is weaker or stronger, he or she will make great strides under the the Think Teach Science programme. Scientific concepts are always creatively and comprehensively explained while questions are carefully crafted and chosen to first build confidence and then challenge.  

The programme has been meticulously moulded to help the weaker by building solid foundations as well as challenge the stronger with questions that require a deeper appreciation and application of conceptual knowledge.