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Think Teach’s founders, a lawyer and banker duo, shared a vision to build an educational academy centred on the core philosophy of nurturing youths to become thinkers of tomorrow.

Thinking smart was the key for Algene and Shou Yee’s successes, from their schooling years to their illustrious corporate experience. Brought together by a shared passion for education, Think Teach was thus founded.

Achieve your personal best with Think Teach and become a scholar in your own right.


Our Management

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Algene is a former practising lawyer and a recipient of the University Scholars Programme Scholarship from Singapore Management University (SMU) upon graduating from Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Aside from completing an undergraduate and postgraduate Law degree, Algene has won countless competitions and awards in Law. While he topped his Master of Laws cohort and moved on to practise Law in Allen & Gledhill, Algene always knew that teaching was his foremost passion. This calling eventually led to a career switch and Algene found himself teaching at a top government school upon leaving his Law practice.

After he co-founded Think Teach , Algene’s desire to empower students only grew. A firm believer that good grades come naturally with a strong foundation, he meticulously designed the current curriculum alongside the Think Teach team to help students master the basic intricacies of each subject. Algene never settles and is always in search of better solutions to incorporate into the syllabus. His fervour for inspiring young thinkers is what spurs him and nothing makes him happier than seeing a student victorious. 

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Shou Yee


Also an alumni of SMU, co-founder Shou Yee graduated from Raffles Junior College as the pioneer batch of the Raffles Integrated Programme. He graduated from SMU with a double degree in Economics and Business Management (Finance) under the Lee Kong Chian Scholars Programme Scholarship. Shou Yee had stints in economics research and investment management before joining UBS Wealth Management via its Graduate Talent Programme.

Shou Yee’s penchant for numbers and data has enabled him to develop strategies to effectively pinpoint recurring trends in examination questions. Along with the Think Teach team, he introduced these into the specially-crafted syllabus to help students visualise and deconstruct challenging questions so they may adopt the best solution in their arsenal. Shou Yee believes that keeping things simple and engaging is a sure way to nurturing students’ confidence at any subject. “As students gain confidence, they will make it a personal goal to achieve better grades while growing their love for the subject even more,” relates Shou Yee who takes it upon himself to ensure all students at Think Teach become positive learners and independent thinkers.




Besides nurturing students to be holistic, critical thinkers in Think Teach, Boon is a student himself, reaching the tail-end of his doctorate studies in renewable energy at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is an alumni of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and graduated from Imperial College London with a Bachelor’s in Materials Science and a Masters in Nuclear Engineering. A recipient of two full Singapore Government Scholarships throughout his education, Boon is currently the Head of Scholar Development at the NUS Graduate School Scholar’s Alliance.

Boon’s passion in teaching was fuelled by his desire to give back to the community. His years of teaching experience have given him insights into the various subjects across different educational levels. Boon has worked with the Think Teach team to structure these into easily understood concepts that are interwoven throughout every programme available here. He believes that true understanding of a subject is only achieved when a student is able to visualise it as a sum of its parts. Hence, Think Teach practises precise summary and mindful extraction of key learning points in the planning of its syllabus. Boon hopes to discover the potential in every student, the potential to be a future leader with exceptional character.


Press Coverage

Co-founder Algene featured in The Straits Times, Pg B06 on the 19th of September 2018.


Co-founder Algene featured in Lian He Zhao Bao, Pg 08 on the 23rd of October 2010.